About Jerven

For over 30 years, Jerven AS has been the supplier of its specially created Fjellduken protective tarp product (The Jerven Bag) to the Norwegian Armed Forces. In 2004, Jerven delivered approximately 7,000 of the Fjellduken product to various Norwegian military divisions. Both the French, and Danish special forces regularly use the Fjellduken, while the Swiss and British special forces are just starting to as well.

Jerven currently produces six different Fjellduken models. The most basic product, Fjellduken Original, has no lining and weighs just 650 grams. The warmest Fjellduken, Fjellduken Extreme, is identical to the Hunter product, only with thicker lining. The most advanced product is Fjellduken Exclusive. It is a lined tarp without lining, but with zippers allowing you to connect PrimaLoft padding. This comes in 60gr and 170gr versions. All the thermoversions (With PrimaLoft) also work well as sleeping bag reinforcements. A number of Norwegian soldiers sleeping in -40 degrees Celsius weather have used Fjellduken products on the outside of their military sleeping bags.

Jerven also produces tents and hunting clothing in forest and mountain camouflage designs.

Do you want to become a retailer for The Jervenbag ?

Jerven as wishes to establish new sales channels internationally. In particular, we wish establish to establish sales channels in the U.S., incl. Alaska, and Canada, and within the EU.

Please send us an e-mail, with company information to, and we will get back to you. Future cooperation partners and customers must be able to document the company’s financial capacity and solvency, in accordance with recognized credit bureaus.

Interesting new international markets would be: Hunting-, rescue environments, military forces/units and outdoors life in general. Our policy is products of extreme quality, 10 year consumer warranty and products with a normal 15-20 years’ longevity.