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Weight: 1300 gram - 143x143 cm.

This is the same bag as The Jerven bag Original, about 1,45 x 1,45 meters, folded as a wind sack. And, its lined and padded. That means, that it is not only heat reflecting, but also heat insulating. In addition we have almost
eliminated the condensation problem.

During testing in the winter of `95 we had, inside The Jerven bag Thermo, a rise in temperature of unbelievable 29º C. (84°F). Outdoor temperature -14º C. (15°F), and inside the Jerven bag +15º C. (59°F). The only heat source was the
person inside the bag! The Jerven bag Original reached +9 C. (48°F) in the same test.

nd in the picture below you can see how not to use The Jerven bag Thermo.With the legs on the outside. Get yourself a larger bag, or follow the tips on the next page!


Mountain camo





Woodland camo



Textile: Aluminiumscoated polyester.


Lining: Polyester = Ripstop polyamide.


Wadding: Primaloft

(60 grams per m²)


Weight: Ca. 1300 gram.



Camouflage: Woodland and Mountain.


Includes: Armings, Rescueflag and Cushion Bag.


Warranty: 10 year.