noItem ID: The Jerven Bag Exclusive


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  • kr 2,995.00

Gives you the freedom to choose!

We have made our most advanced and most flexible Fjellduken model ever. Let us present the Fjellduken Exclusive:

Size: 102 x 220cm, weight only 750gr.

Silicon coated zippers, improved protection against the elements: wind, water, snow.  

We have made the Fjellduken warmer. You have the choice of 80gr or 200gr quilted lining that can be attached according to need. (The quilted lining is sold separately and is attached by zipper.) The Fjellduken Exclusive will therefore suit various seasons and the individuals needs and requirements.

Use it without lining, with 80gr or with 200gr lining you have the choice.

Incl. with the Fjellduken Exclusive you get:

- Jerven Rescue flag: 50x50cm orange signal flag with reflective tape a cord in all 4 corners to make it easy to tie it to apole or similar recommended by The Main Rescue Centre at Sola.

- Jerven belt bag with belt and buttonhole webbing: this means that you can easily carry the Fjellduken Exclusive on short trips when you do not need a rucksack.

- Jerven Arming: This means you keep your arms dry when you use the armopenings on the Fjellduken. Also very handy during slaughtering.

- 10 year warranty: Covers faults in material and seams.