noItem ID: 60 gr. Primaloft lining for Exclusive

60 g/m2 Primaloft vs. Exclusive

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  • kr 1,995.00

Fjellduken Exclusive- with 60gr PrimaLoft lining gives a warmer/cosier windsack for use the year through. Weight appr. 1600gr. It is big game hunters best friend. Suitable as poncho, windsack, stand-cover and as sleepeingbag / sleepingbag supplement. Condensation problem is then just about eliminated. The perfect combination for varied use the year through - to sit inside, walk with, lie down in.....

With 60gr PrimaLoft lining the Exclusive is a suitable thermobag for all year purposes. Condensation problem is eliminated.

The Thermo quilted lining can also be made into a separate thermobag in size 102 x 220cm. If you join both the 60gr and 170gr bags you get a thermobag 220 x 220cm. It is also possible to use both the 60gr and 170gr at the same time. If you join one lining to the outer shell and use the other as a separate thermobag, you are guaranteed to keep warm.